Quotate - Quotation Management


Quotate allows you to respond to quote requests from customers and channel partners in a fast, easy and consistent manner that considers the specific opportunity, products requested and quantity as well as customer, volume and region-specific price schedules.

Quotate includes designing and automating the client’s Quotation. Quotate aims to improve client’s business efficiencies in creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintaining billing and shipping information and providing enhanced Quotate reporting features.

Quotate ensures that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules this increases your chances of success and your margin and reduces the costs of failure.

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Features :

  •  Increase Productivity - A manual quote takes, on average, twenty to forty minutes to turn around. Quotate can drive your turnaround time to less than five minutes. If your company responds to more than fifty quote requests a month, you can save over thirty hours, that’s equivalent to nearly one-fourth of a sales person’s time.
  •  Minimize Lost Revenues - Consistent quote follow-up is difficult with a manual or excel based quote tracking process. Typically twenty to thirty-five percent of quotes do not receive follow-up, which translates to potential loss of business. Quotate ensures total follow-up and can increase your quote to order ratio by ten or even twenty percent.
  •  Maximize Margins - Competing with yourself easily leads to lost margin. Quotate ensures that quotes from rep firms, distributors and subcontractors are all tied to a single opportunity, giving you visibility and control so you can ensure that each quote is consistent to the end customer and that you are not in competition with yourself.
  •  Boost Customer Satisfaction - Fast consistent quotes will allow customers to choose your products based on technical requirements, not on quote turnaround time or price haggling with different sources. This gives you a competitive advantage.
  •  Corporate governance is increasingly important in today’s information driven economy. Make sure your company can avoid inquiries and penalties by accurately accounting for forward looking statements with documented processes and detailed audit trails.

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