SmartGC - Scheme Management


SmartGC is a web application provides complete solution for fund collection.

SmartGC is a unique scheme process automation tool equipped with unique business intelligence concept favoring companies which deal with major gold trade off. This application enables us to automate the scheme due regularly.

This is a Multi-tenant application ensures simultaneous access for client office. We have implemented this application in Handheld device (only Android) for fund collection.

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Features :

  •  Smart GC will maintain saving scheme that lets customers to invest money in the smartest possible way. For every monthly installment, Gold/Money is credited to customers account at prevailing rate.
  •  The workflow capabilities have leveraged to analyze unique cases and channel-related requirements from schemes. This has reduced the time taken to process special cases, allowing channel managers to track the status of a particular scheme and adds transparency to the decision making process.
  •  The solution has been tightly integrated with various channels to enable cross-selling and up-selling. The solution will also be integrated across channels to give them a status update on their performance in various schemes.
  •  Administration of the Schemes including approval of applications to adhere to the schemes and overseeing the compliance with the scheme rulebooks involving structured processes for initiating and implementing changes to the schemes and the rulebooks.
  •  Change management procedures designed and implemented to ensure that the schemes are kept up to date and relevant for their users.

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