Provendas - Production Management


Provendas - is a highly automated Production tracking and Management solution for apparels and textile manufacturers.

With an easy to use Android Mobile applications, The Enterprise is connected closely with the production Line, Vendors, Operators, Contractors, Production units and other departments on real time.

The system connects each and every Process in workflow from yarning to Finished goods Receipt, with a plug and play standalone applications which can be easily integrated with any front end Order and sales Management software as applicable.

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Features :

  •   Easy to use, handy Mobile and Tablet Android applications.
  •  Lot Tracebility with a real time Production WIP Tracking
  •  Complete visibility of Inventory at each levels such as Yarn, Fabric, Accessiories, and Finished Goods.
  •  Production Order fulfillment, Product Performance and Ageing Stock analysis with optimized Inventory Levels.
  •  Improved Real time Monitoring on Dashboards and KPI for each production Line and Dispatching Units.
  •  Optimized production Planning and Forecasting.
  •  Make-to-stock Production Order Scheduling and Tracing, Accessories Procurement Notification and buffer stock optimizations.
  •  real-time, Mobile Reporting on Inventory visiblity, Production Order Tracking.

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